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A.C.T. By Deese

A.C.T. By Deese
435 Dolley Madison
Greensboro, NC 27410

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A.C.T. By Deese offers personal fitness programs for beginners as well as professional athletes. We offer our clients over 30 years experience in the Wellness and Training Arenas.

Exercise plays an important role in your overall health. Physicians and Health Care Professionals all agree that exercise is something vitally important to individuals of all ages.

Exercise is done for many different reasons. Whatever the reason, you have to come to the right place for your total well being.

Our Trainers provide a safe environment and thoroughly address health issues and fitness concerns for improvement in:

•  Cardio-Vascular Health
•  Mental Health
•  Stress
•  Depression
•  Sexual Health
•  Weight Loss
•  Weight Management
•  Flexibility and Balance
•  Joint and Muscle Pain
•  Strength
•  Nutrition
•  Motivation and Quality of Life

New Programs & Services to include:  Group Classes, Massage Therapy, Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation, Chiropractic Care by appointment.

Try our newest equipment.... Private Digital Spin Class... "Just Because You See The Finish Line...Does Not Mean It Is The End Of The Road".....take the challenge at any level of fitness.

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